Chaya Hanging Designs


These wood hanging designs are a floral motif,  featuring highly detailed and stylized wood carvings. These are made only out of the highest quality hardwoods. Gabon ebony is a solid black hardwood that maintains a high polish and deep shine which stands the test of time. Bloodwood is a rich red color, which has can have blood streaks and frequently shows a subtle shimmer on the surface. Pink ivory is a rosy pink hardwood which can sometimes fade to a soft orange, and has a velvety finish. Lignum vitae is the densest wood in the world, and is notably a chocolatey brown and can occasionally have bold yellow streaks. These hanging designs measure approximately 4″ (100mm) by 1.8″ (46mm) but can vary slightly depending on size. There will be slight variations from piece to piece because the are hand carved. Please contact us with any questions before ordering.

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wood type Pink Ivory
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